Job description

Role Purpose 

The Head of Change directly supports Legal Chief Operating Officer (COO). The role holder is responsible for supporting the Legal function’s objectives through delivery of key strategic projects that help the Bank consistently mitigate risks and deliver benefits bringing the function continually closer to the desired state.

The role holder is a critical driver in the effective set up and delivery of the change agenda for the Legal function and is pivotal in the engagement and delivery of successful change projects.  Strong, disciplined programme governance and clear and effective change management are critical to benefits realisation

Principal Accountabilities: Key activities and decision making areas

Programme design and delivery of benefits and Operational Readiness:

  • Work with Legal stakeholders to design, plan and execute change programmes that deliver outcomes and benefits aligned to the Legal Strategy
  • Co-ordinate global delivery of agreed solutions to agreed budgets and timescales
  • Global and regional teams work together to build local requirements in to global programmes as appropriate, with regional teams then taking responsibility for delivery of the global solutions in their regions, in accordance with the agreed plans
  • Move towards a more agile based change delivery cycle in line with Group agile/Value Stream construct
  • Ensure the change delivery, comms and readiness of all legal teams to support and embed change, embed NFR in BAU and deliver agree benefits

Investment Planning, Financial Management & Governance:

  • Co-ordinate the Change-The-Bank and CtA investment planning process working with teams across Legal to ensure a single and agreed pipeline with allocated funding aligned with stakeholders requirements. 
  • Manage the ongoing investment pipeline via the Change governance, including financial tracking, prioritisation of demand, reallocation of funding, issue resolution and oversight of planned delivery.
  • Manage change governance, including reporting, risks, issues and dependencies, change control
  • Manage the change resource pool to ensure resources are allocated effectively and efficiently to approved demand including regional change resources

Technology Delivery and Support:

  • Define and periodically review the Technology Strategy and ensure alignment with legal strategy and the pace of investment to deliver ambition
  • Ensure the execution of the agreed technology delivery projects aligned to strategy and executed hand in glove with Change
  • Establish and mature relationship and interaction with Group Technology to ensure effective delivery and support of the legal Technology footprint
  • Ensure effective and efficient run operations for legal Technology maximising synergy with existing Group Technology capability

Innovation and Continuous Improvement:

  • Proactively seek tactical opportunities to improve operational efficiency across Legal balancing tactical vs strategic investment
  • Establish and seed a deeper rooted innovation capability identifying opportunities for the future organisation, experimenting to prove new ideas ahead of regional/global scale
  • Establish and mature Legal innovation in conjunction with HSBC Group innovation capability

Data Management:

  • Develop a data management approach and discipline as a pre-cursor to ongoing development of the functions data accountabilities

The successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to executive the below duties, as well as bring a fresh perspective to the function’s management of legal risk, with a vision of how to focus on the main areas of legal risk and minimise process that does not materially support that objective

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Develop and maintain strong collaboration and a professional working relationship with internal and external stakeholders including Legal regional and global leadership, executive and senior stakeholders outside of the function.
  • Deliver fair outcomes for our customers and ensure own conduct maintains the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets
  • Engage with stakeholders globally and regionally to identify themes/emerging issues across Legal
  • Provide constructive challenge to existing practices/proposed initiatives and generate new and innovative solutions to address complex issues facing Legal
  • Apply external market knowledge and benchmarks and internal benchmarks and insights to identify opportunities to improve performance and practices
  • Legal Change Investment spend and resource allocated to top priorities, in accordance with HSBC, Legal strategy, and is tracked to ensure resources are allocated to maximise commercial and risk benefits

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Critically and logically evaluate the costs, risks, and benefits of alternatives before making balanced decisions and/or recommendations 
  • Provide effective leadership and guidance across teams/activity 
  • Drives a high performance culture through delivering standards, collaboration and effective people interaction 
  • Develop an effective people plan for the Change team (where needed), to include development and succession planning
  • Provide guidance and personal challenge and growth to support staff development and retention for direct reports and virtual reports globally
  • Ensure that weaker performance is managed effectively, enabling improvement.
  • Embody and embed HSBC ‘Group Values’ culture by example and positive reinforcement.
  • Provide effective leadership as well as impact and influencing skills in matrix organisation.
  • Team leadership and management of direct reports, including effective performance management, talent management and succession planning 
  • Helps others understand the organisation’s vision andobjectives to define challenging and meaningful goals 
  • Inspires and delivers high-performance and engagement while implementing critical changes to drive the business forward.

Operational Effectiveness & Control 

  • Ensure all staff and activities comply with existing regulation and audit requirements 
  • Ensure organisational compliance with all relevant internal and external rules, regulations, procedures that apply to the conduct of Legal 
  • Ensure financial procedures implemented all comply with the global policies and plans
  • Ensure financial procedures implemented all comply with the global policies and plans
  • Ensure that reporting is efficient, pertinent and addresses stakeholder needs and Regional/Group requirements.
  • Ensure that quality assurance is measured and controlled through adequate audit and benchmarking activities.
  • Ensure that Operational risks are adequately identified and managed to BAU

Major Challenges 

  • Working in a matrix management environment across a high number of diverse stakeholders and geographies, with often conflicting viewpoints and agendas.
  • Engender support through Interacting with and influencing senior and executive management 
  • Working with a function historically low in change management experience
  • (Successfully) challenging the status quo with executive peers.
  • Joining-up’ complex global functions and Lines of Business, across language, cultural, systems and legislative boundaries.
  • Working to manage the directly competitive pressures of cost effectiveness and internal/external demands to strengthen risk mitigation.
  • Ensuring delivery of designated strategic global projects, involving multiple stakeholders
  • Required to interpret complex and opaque information to make crucial decisions and provide guidance to executives, other senior colleagues as well as own team.
  • Balancing between continuous tactical vs strategic change investment including the development of a Legal innovation capability to determine opportunities for the future Legal organisation
  • Establishing the importance of the management of data across Legal as an initial step to introduce a CDO role in the future.

Role Context 

  • The jobholder is responsible for ensuring that an effective infrastructure is in place, implemented and understood to enable the Legal Function to provide effective management of legal risk across the Group.  The diversity of HSBC’s business, its geographic spread and the constant changes internally and externally means the role requires an understanding of the structure of the HSBC Group and be able to handle increasingly complex legal issues.

Knowledge & Experience / Qualifications 


  • Outstanding understanding of HSBC Group structures, values, behaviours, processes and objectives 
  • Strong intimate knowledge of HSBC’s various Global business’s and functions 
  • Good working knowledge of functional area in an operational or consulting capacity 
  • A broad, enterprise-wide view of the business and varying degrees of appreciation for strategy, capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance 
  • Very strong knowledge of the external environment – regulatory, political, competitors, innovation etc. 
  • Outstanding knowledge of Transformation – functionally, operationally and financially 


  • Proven experience of positive, challenging interactions with Senior Executives across the group 
  • Proven ability in working across multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural diverse work environments 
  • Strong analytical background and proven ability in analytical rigor, including being able to contextualise data into business activities and conclusions 
  • Proven ability in successfully identifying, designing and implementing large-scale, complex global / regional change initiative
  • Proven experience of operating iterative delivery techniques at scale 
  • Experience using model-based representations that can be adjusted as required to collect, aggregate or disaggregate complex and conflicting information about the business 
  • Evidence of successfully managing financial plans 
  • Successful experience in developing and retaining critical talent and building an effective leadership team 


  • Outstanding relationship management and influencing skills – up to Board level 
  • The ability to recognise structural issues within the organisation, functional interdependencies and cross silo redundancies 
  • The ability to apply architectural principles to business solutions 
  • The ability to visualise and create high-level models that can be used in future analysis to extend and mature the business architecture 
  • Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques 
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills with a proven ability to communicate effectively and confidently at all levels 
  • High level of drive and motivation to ensure successful delivery of complex transformational initiatives 
  • Ability to leverage resources available to achieve goals 
  • Outstanding organisational and planning skills in order to cope with multiple large-scale responsibilities 

Qualifications and Accreditations 

  • Degree in related field or commensurate practical experience 
  • Industry recognised technical certifications i.e. PMP, CBAP, MSP, Change Management, ACP (Optional), Master Black Belt – Six Sigma (Optional), TOGAF (Optional)