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- 密切與CSM配合提供客戶優質服務
- 支援PRM服務Premier客戶,協助其達成各項績效指標
- 發掘並轉介潛在業務機會與客戶服務需求
- 處理分行行政作業(不含櫃員及現金服務),例如Premier客戶之開戶、交易及文件處理,並協助報表產出

To provide high level of professional services in retail banking branches to meet and exceed customer service standards.
1. To contribute by closely working with Sales Floor Manager and BCD to achieve KPIs helping to ensure seamless service to customers visiting branches delivering quality services to customers to ensure customer satisfaction and achievement of service standards
2. To contribute to the successful implementation of wealth management service strategy by acting as back-up to partnered PRM to ensure continuity of customer service managing Premier rooms resources and safety deposit box delivering quality services to Premier customer (transaction, documentation tasks, etc) to ensure customer satisfaction closely partnering with PRM to build and reinforce relationship with Premier customers providing quality service to help retain and acquire Premier customers delivering support to PRM tomaximise customers satisfaction through exceptional customer service
3. To contribute to acquisition of customers and enhancement of customer relationship by identifying service and business potentials and marking referrals to PRM accordingly identifying service and business potentials for making referrals to other business lines, so to deepen customer relationship with the Bank close liaison with colleagues from other lines of business, business segment, products and services
4. To perform branch operational tasks, excluding counter teller services, and ensure efficiency, timeliness, accuracy and professionalism by assisting SFM with admin and MI report consolidating tasks performing operational tasks for Premier customers, e.g. account opening, transaction and documentation
performing mortgage loan processing tasks, by providing services to PVA customers performing any operations tasks, and non-cash transactions within the branch
5. To be equipped with multi-service skills and maintain flexibility in service task rotation and assignment by agreeing with supervisor the knowledge and service skill set development plan continuously improving oneself through the implementation of development plan and on the job training
1. 大專以上畢
2. 具備信託業業務人員證照
3. Officer 須具備外匯業務經辦及覆核人員
4. 具金融業工作經驗
5. 良好人際互動、溝通及解決問題能力
6. 積極主動、有業務潛質
7. 熟悉銀行法規及金融業系統
8. 具基本英文溝通能力尤佳