Job description

Business: GC HK SETTLEMENTS - KL                                                                                                                                

Role Title AMO                                                                                                

Current GCB Band:7                                                                                     

Location: Malaysia

Recruiter: Malaysia                

What you will do:

Role Purpose (overall high level summary of the role)

Principal Accountabilities        

Key activities and decision making areas%

  • Leadership & Team Work            
  • Effectively drive and manage change to achieve business goals. (eg: process       improvements /changes in procedures)
  •    Lead by example through service excellence and driving Quality initiatives for       improved customer satisfaction.
  • Drive staff development through soft skill training, personal development plans and performance management reviews.
  • Reward and recognized service excellence.
  • Strike balance among task, team and individual to inspire and influence staff to bring out their best
  • Motivate and develop team members to meet business objectives.
  • Create robust team environment where skills and knowledge is shared to achieve team and business goals.
  • Brief team members regularly and ensure that they are made aware of individual/department performance targets and achievements.
  • Knowledge and experience is shared with team members, providing assistance on referred/technical issues.
  • Implement and monitor Band Progression plans to meet Business requirements and Staff expectations
  • Progress reviews on performance are undertaken within agreed timescales. Advice and guidance is given in a constructive manner                                                      

Customers  (External/ Internal)

  • Monitoring ‘Service Quality’ of the team to ensure high Customer Service Standards and drive rigorous customer centric quality Campaigns/initiatives to increase Quality awareness in the team. Recognize, reward and set high internal service excellence benchmarks to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Problem situations are proactively identified, resolved and escalated to give maximum customer satisfaction. Appropriate measures are taken to improve quality and prevent recurrence
  • Customer issues are handled sensitively and receive full consideration. Situations are resolved effectively retaining goodwill of customer and customers are kept fully informed of progress.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Ensure daily operational efficiency by overseeing and close monitoring of the operational processes and workflow, market specific requirements/procedures and performance of various systems in securities processing.
  • Monitor the process productivity to ensure quality targets are achieved. Issues/problems are fully analyzed and resolved or escalated. Appropriate action is taken to prevent recurrence.
  • To acquire a broad understanding of the settlements processes and to keep abreast with the latest developments in the assigned markets on the rules & regulations by the regulators, stock exchange and etc that may have implication to the daily corporate action processes.
  • To have a tight control to prevent any operational losses by establishing methods and check points to scrutinize exceptions/errors and to prevent potentially fraudulent situations through strong internal audit and staff feedback mechanisms.
  • To smoothen the impact of erratic workflows/volumes through effective capacity planning, leave management and process prioritization by allocating/reallocating resources across the various markets.
  • Ensure ‘knowledge retention’ in the section by reinforcing concepts through continuous staff training and cross training across the various markets. (To address the effects of attrition).
  • Procedural changes/new initiatives are fully communicated to and implemented by the team. Team members consistently maintain a high level of customer service by achieving established SLAs.
  • To co-ordinate and assist the management team while initiating business recovery measures. To monitor Operational Risks and implement risk mitigating plans.

Completion of records and Management Information

Management Information, other required data and communication are completed accurately and supporting statistics/reports/returns are presented within agreed timescales


By addressing any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and/or the appropriate department.             

Management of Risk (GHR / FIM requirements)

To abide by the Group Compliance Policy by containing compliance risk in conjunction with the relevant Compliance

Department.  The term compliance embraces all relevant laws, rules and codes with which the business has to apply.

To continually re-assess the operational risks inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures, management restructures, and the impact of new technology in conjunction with the donor Group companies.

Observation of Internal Controls (GHR / FIM requirements)

To maintain HSBC internal control standards, including the timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators

Major Challenges (The challenges inherent in the role that require a continual test of the role holder’s abilities)

  • Deal with the specific requirements for the various markets assigned and to look into effective ways to standardize certain practices across markets.
  • Keep abreast with the latest development in the rules and regulations by the regulators of the various markets and to identify the implications involved to the current corporate action processes.
  • Deal with internal and external attrition and their operational affects.
  • Drive customer centric Quality initiatives.
  • Effectively mitigate identified Operational Risks.
  • Comply with Group’s statutory audit standards.

Deal with business that may significantly exceed forecasted figures by liaising with the respective business areas. Ensure quality and productivity standards are maintained while coping with staff turnover and inexperienced staff. Review and produce MI in a specified format, which is easily understood by business units, while giving them an idea of FTE benefit for migrating. Lead and motivate staff with widely differing aspirations working in productivity- based environment with critical deadlin


What you will need to succeed in the role:

Education / Relevant Experience / Other Qualifications (e.g. Knowledge, Skills, Professional Qualifications required)
   (For the role – not the role holder.  Minimum requirements of the role)


  • A post-graduate diploma or degree in any discipline. Higher qualification not a bar provided aspirations commensurate with the position


  • At least 12 months in a supervisory role, with exposure to appraisals, counseling, team building, and staff development
  • Experience in Securities processing environment
  • Possess relevant Securities background and knowledge - at least 18 months of Securities experience.


  • Ability to speak and understand English fluently, write business letters and reports, and have good conversational / telephone skills.
  • Ability to learn quickly, transfers knowledge appropriately, understand and interpret numeric data. Evidence of good analytical, statistical and data mining skills to study trends and make projections. Production management skills and ability to initiate process improvements.                           
  • Leadership skills, with ability to build rapport with, relate to and effectively develop a wide range of people.


Link to Candidate User Guide:


Go to the below link and type “IND GSC: IJP Applicant User Guide” in search bar.

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HSBC is committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. We take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and opportunities to grow within an inclusive and diverse environment.

HSBC is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a culture where all employees are valued, respected and opinions count. We take pride in providing a workplace that fosters continuous professional development, flexible working and, opportunities to grow within an inclusive and diverse environment. We encourage applications from all suitably qualified persons irrespective of, but not limited to, their gender or genetic information, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, social status, medical care leave requirements, political affiliation, people with disabilities, color, national origin, veteran status, etc., We consider all applications based on merit and suitability to the role.”

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