Job description

Could you find your future in your present?

We are currently seeking motivated individuals from all backgrounds to join our Accelerating Wealth Programme (AWP) to train to become our Premier Relationship Manager.

AWP prioritises transferable skills over experience and qualifications.  It’s a chance for people who have not followed a traditional career path in wealth to receive in-depth training and mentorship to kick-start an exciting career in our fast growth Wealth business, irrespective of their professional background. 

Building on your transferable skills, the AWP will support you to develop the wealth and client skills required to succeed as a Premier Relationship Manager. With the full support of the bank, you will gain the qualifications and develop the technical skills required for the role. On completion of the programme, you’ll be a qualified Relationship Manager, where you’ll be responsible for the highest value clients in our retail bank, playing a key role in helping them grow, manage and preserve their wealth.

As a Premier Relationship Manager, you will be a trusted adviser to our new and existing Premier customers. Working collaboratively with Investment and Insurance Specialist Team, you will support client’s entire life journey by providing professional and comprehensive financial advice to suit the customer needs. You will also have a dedicated team of Assistant Manager, HSBC Premier who will provide support on contacting clients proactively, handling clients’ banking queries timely and ensuring all the compliance and regulations are met.  All these are unique in making your career journey different from any other. 

Principal Responsibilities

  • Developing our Premier customer base and establishing long term relationships with an assigned Premier clientele portfolio
  • Managing the total wealth of your clients by matching our financial and investment product solutions to their financial needs
  • Demonstrating genuine curiosity about customers, helping them reach their financial ambitions
  • Connecting with Product Specialists to provide more advanced technical input to identify and fulfill multiple needs with customers
  • Promoting our Premier Service to potential customers, exploring their needs and making referrals to other business units where appropriate
  • Supporting branch improvement initiatives, providing customer feedback of our service and ensuring compliance with audit requirements and quality assurance
  • Understanding and adhering to local and global compliance
  • Maintaining the levels of operational integrity required by HSBC and adhere to the Business Principles and Values of HSBC

You will need to demonstrate the following transferable skills required for the role:

  • Connectivity (Level 4 – Effective): Maximising the impact of building new and effective working relationships across international borders
  • Communicating with Impact (Level 4 – Effective): Applying the core principles that underpin all forms of communication
  • Growth Mindset (Level 4 – Effective): Growth mindset is the personal belief that skills and abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. A growth mindset is viewing setbacks and failures as building blocks, feedback and insight for future success. Growth mindset is the belief of “not yet.” Through practice, overcoming challenges, and a focus on learning, goals can be obtained with a growth mindset
  • Data Literacy (Level 3 – Intermediate): Ability to interpret, understand and communicate data as information
  • Critical Thinking (Level 3 – Intermediate): Identifying how to break down complex problem or issue into smaller components, using right questioning techniques to identify root causes and arrive at solutions
  • Design Thinking (Level 2 – Capable): Ways of thinking outside the box, for e.g. introducing new and innovative ideas to solve a problem or bring in efficiency


  • Right to work in Hong Kong (based on where you are applying for the role)
  • Fluency in English (Note: for Premier Relationship Manager roles in Hong Kong: English and Cantonese are required; Mandarin is desirable.)
  • Ensure you have the correct educational requirements to complete licensing examinations. Details of the eligibility requirements at


Proficiency Levels

  • Level 2: Capable (You have gained a working, fundamental knowledge of your skill. While you know there’s still plenty of information left to learn, you understand the basics. You can solve basic problems and complete tasks on your own but when a complex issue arises you most likely need some help.)
  • Level 3: Intermediate (You have extended your knowledge beyond the fundamentals and into the theory of your Skill domain. You are comfortable using the tools of the trade as you continue to develop your technical Skills. You can work independently on new challenges, know enough to be self-critical, and know the difference between good and great work. You are also good at setting goals and measuring progress.)
  • Level 4: Effective (You are a skilled practitioner that uses a broad range of methods to solve problems: From planning to execution. You can tackle specialized tasks and apply your Skills to complex problems that might require a new process or approach. You can work independently on complex projects, and when those projects are complete, you are able to look at your work and accurately evaluate whether it was successful or unsuccessful.)

Come on this exciting journey with us and accelerate your future. Visit for more about the programme.

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