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HSBC Private Bank provides personal relationship management including integrated banking, investment and wealth advisory services to high net worth clients and their families around the world. The business builds on the strength, heritage and prudent long-term strategy of the HSBC Group to search out and reveal new opportunities for our clients to manage and protect their wealth. As a leading international private bank, HSBC Private Bank has the connections to provide the very best of what the HSBC Group has to offer.

Location: Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
People Management: N
Job Contents:
  • Client-oriented professional to proactively manage a complex portfolio of clients, becoming a trusted advisor to lead strategic dialogues with clients at a portfolio level through the understanding of specific business requirements and delivering creative and flexible customer solutions.
  • By understanding client financial needs and the creditability in the market, closely monitoring the market trend and loan outstanding to ensure the facilities are properly utilized.
  • Through operational risks identification, assessment, mitigation and control, loss identification and reporting, rectification of the results of risk events, controls the operational risk adequately and in a cost-effective manner.

  • University graduates, MBA is preferred
  • Proven track record expertise and 8+ years of experience in wealth management
  • Good client relationships with client base
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • GPAD covered
  • License Qualification: (pre-requisite)
  1. 信託業業務人員Trust Level 4 (L4)
  2. 金融道德與常識 Finance Sense & Ethics (FSE)
  3. 外匯衍生性商品或衍生性金融商品推介工作經辦及相關管理人員 Referral to recommend foreign exchange derivative products or derivative financial products promotion work and related management personnel (SPS) (FDSP)
  4. 證券投資信託事業或證券投資顧問事業業務人員 Securities investment trust business or securities investment consulting business personnel (SITE/SICE)
    • Required within 3 months after onboarding: 人身保險業務員(LIFE) and 人身保險業務員銷售外幣收付非投資型保險商品(LIFEFX)
    • Required by year end 每年應參加國內金融訓練機構舉辦或指定銀行自行舉辦之衍生性商品教育訓練課程時數達十二小時以上